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We deliver immersive visualisation experiences.

Visualisation is an active mental practice; rewiring your brain to improve the way you think feel and perform.

It is a technique rooted in neuroscience that has been leveraged by athletes for decades to perform at their optimum.

Now, VIVE is bringing this winning strategy to you to use across any area of your life.

Visualisation is like weight training for your brain.

Just like our muscles, our brains are malleable – they can change! And like our muscles we can influence how they change through deliberate training.

When you lift your arm, certain neural pathways in your mind will fire. When you vividly imagine lifting your arm, similar neural pathways fire.

Just as you can lift weights to train specific muscles – you can visualise to rewire certain areas of your brain.

Visualisation is such a powerful way to improve how you think and feel long term.”

Dr Tara Swart, MIT Neuroscientist

VIVE events.

How our events work.

  • Learn the science of how visualisation works.
  • Explore how visualisation can be improve your life.
  • Experience an immersive live guided visualisation.
  • Start a regular visualisation routine.

One event can help with…

✔ MooD

✔ EnergY

✔ Goals

✔ Performance

✔ motivation

✔ focus

✔ tangible and effective Results

“I didn’t know what I wanted from life… now I suddenly do.”

Dave, 22

“I did struggle with it at first as visualising. But I found the more I did it, the better I would feel.“

joanna, 23

How VIVE started.

After being diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis nine years ago, I experienced the most debilitating pain and symptoms. Just as I was about to give up, I starting practicing visualisation. This technique saved my life and now I am on a mission to help others take control of their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

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