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At VIVE, we teach visualisation; an active mental practice that empowers people to train and rewire their brain to transform their life.

From our own experience and speaking with others, we noticed that there is a gap between where people are and where they want to be in their lives. From wanting to take control of physical, mental and emotional health- to improving performance and confidence – to managing relationships better- or if someone is feeling great and wants to maintain that – we are here to close the gap.

Whilst the technique of visualisation has been around for decades, it’s benefits have only been enjoyed by elite athletes and CEOs. Now, VIVE is the company that is making this scientifically backed winning strategy accessible to everyone, helping individuals and businesses improve their wellbeing and performance. 

Through our live events and future app, we provide a unique combination of breathwork, meditation and visualisation that has the power to rewire the neurons in the brain empowering people to operate at their full potential.

Our journey started in September 2020 when Maya, who had 8 years experience in meditating, teamed up with Ben and Molly with the vision to empower young adults through meditation.

VIVE Co-Founder, Ben
VIVE Co-Founder, Ben
VIVE Co-Founder, Molly

We spent our final year at university researching and developing VIVE for our dissertation. Now we’re taking it to the masses.

Update: Molly has since left the team to take up an exciting role as a Bookings & Event Coordinator at an elite music events company.

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