Build. Your. Future.

We launched VIVE events to help as many people as we can take control of their wellbeing, performance and quality of life.

People come to our events with a range of starting points. Whether they’re tired after a long day at work, doing fine but want something more, loving life or are just curious to see what it’s about.

In this event we taught attendees how to use the power of the mind to build the future they want. We showed them how and why visualisation works, before letting them practice it for themselves!

Thank you to everyone that joined us. As always, we’ve loved reading all your feedback!

“I’m very new to this so not sure what to expect, but Maya was so good. She was really engaging and great during the visualisation practices. I’d give this a 10/10!! Music was also great.”

“Just what I needed! Very personable and really down to earth. I liked that you did 2 visualisations one to relax and the other to think big.”

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