Our Team

Maya Raichoora


After being diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis nine years ago, I experienced the most debilitating pain and symptoms. Just as I was about to give up, I starting practicing visualisation. This technique saved my life and now I am on a mission to help others take control of their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

With over 9 years of brain training experience and a background in innovation and business development, I lead creation and content at VIVE. I believe that unleashing power of the mind is the key to leading a happy, fulfilled and healthy life. 

Ben Wainwright


After experiencing my own mental health struggles, I learnt how our minds have the power to influence every aspect of life – both good and bad.

Maya and I met at university, where we shared a common passion of helping people improve their quality of life. After learning about visualisation a two years ago, it has changed my day to day life! I use it regularly to enhance my public speaking skills, improve my running and feel more energised.

With a background in computer science and innovation, I lead technology development and business operations at VIVE. I am so excited to be on this mission and share this powerful technique with everyone.

Our Plans


We currently run workshops with organisations and direct-to-consumer virtual events. Our events provide experiential learning and bring the community together. Attendees leave with new knowledge, feeling energised and motivated.

We are in partnership discussions with physical fitness brands to run bigger events and impact even more people. As we continue to grow, we will train facilitators to run VIVE workshops – enabling us to scale locally and internationally.

Online Courses

Launching in 2023, our courses will enable the VIVE community to learn and practice visualisation anytime and anywhere.

Through the courses, we will test and iterate the content and teaching methodologies that will eventually form our app.

Academic Research

We take an evidence and impact led approach. We are constantly seeking feedback from our customers to help us improve our processes and deliver greater value to them.

Alongside that, we are forming research partnerships with psychologists and neuroscientists. Our aim is to become the go-to visualisation specialists; pushing the boundaries of this powerful mental training technique.


Leveraging the insights from our events, online courses and academic research we will develop the VIVE app. Think of it as a digital personal trainer for your brain.

The app will provide a personalised learning journey, supporting customers to create a lasting mental training routine. Coupled with our events, it will help people reach their goals across their life.


In Q3 2023, we will be raising £250,000 for app development, large scale event production, academic research and marketing. By this time, we will have completed our first partnership campaign with a fitness brand, run numerous events and published our first academic studies.

One Page Summary

Check out our one page summary for an overview of who we are, what we’ve done and where we’re going.