Firing and wiring

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Our neurons determine our thoughts, behaviours, actions and personality.

As we move through the day, the neurons in our brain are constantly firing with each other, forming new connections and reinforcing existing ones.

When we repeat actions, the wiring between neurons strengthens as the action becomes default. This is how habits are formed (Dispenza, 2016).

Practice makes perfect

Sometimes it can be hard to repeat an action until it becomes a habit and then feels instinctive. Whether it’s rehearsing for an upcoming presentation, training for a big sports match or feeling confident for a first date; it isn’t always possible to practice in-person before the real thing.

But here’s the thing… your brain doesn’t know the difference between visualising an action and physically completing it (Swart, 2021). By learning to focus your attention to vividly imagine a scenario, you can form new neural connections as if you were physically in that scenario.

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Still not convinced?

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Numerous academic studies have shown the effectiveness of visualisation. One study from Harvard Medical School (Pascual-Leone, 1995) showed the power of visualisation. Two groups of volunteers practised a five-finger piano exercises for two hours per day.

However, one of these groups never even saw a piano. They only visualised the finger movements needed to plan the tune.

After only five days, brain scans showed that the motor cortex – the area of the brain dedicated to movement – had expanded similarly in both groups!

It’s not all monks

Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Serena Williams, Will Smith, Cristiano Ronaldo & many others have used visualisation to improve their lives.

But it’s not just for the famous few. Wherever you are in life & wherever you want to go, visualisation meditation can help to get you there.

Our team at VIVE have experienced the power of visualisation. Now, we want to share it with you.

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We’ll guide you along your journey

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