For Organisations

Take your employee and customer wellbeing and performance to the next level.

Immersive Live Events

So much more than a presentation

We deliver a variety of impactful workshops for your employees and customers. Our custom sessions align with the wellness and performance goals of your organisation, making the experience worthwhile and effective.

The focus of the session can be anything – entrepreneurship, professional development, defining your goals, improved relationships etc.

Digital Content

Custom meditation image. Video editing software on a desk.
Slots nicely into your existing platform

Similar to our workshops but available on demand! We create multi-format custom visualisations and guidance that can be distributed through your existing communication channels.

We recommend that this is run in tandem with our workshops to deliver the most impact!

Guest Speaking

Thank you for coming to my TEDx talk

Our co-founder, Maya, can deliver a powerful, thought-provoking and immersive presentation at your next event.

Interested? Check out her TEDx talk for yourself.

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