“We’ve experienced the immense impact of visualisation on our lives. Now, we want to share it!”

– VIVE Team

Our team met whilst studying innovation at the University of Bristol. We spent the first three years of our degree gaining experience in human-centred design and entrepreneurship.

Then, for our final year project, we joined forces to create VIVE. We conducted 6 months of rigorous research. We listened to many people tell us about their lives, their aspirations and their struggles. We took time to understand them and conducted a 2 week trial of our service with 39 young adults.

Since completing our degrees, Maya & Ben have continued to develop VIVE. We are so passionate about our mission to empower people to feel inspired, energised and ready for life. And we want you to come along with us.

So, what are you waiting for?

Meet our founding team

Maya Raichoora. Head of Business Development & Impact. 9 years visualising.

Hello, I am Maya! After being diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis nine years ago, I experienced the most debilitating pain and symptoms. Just as I was about to give up, I starting practicing visualisation. This technique saved my life and now I am on a mission to help others take control of their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

With over 9 years of brain training experience and a background in innovation and business development, I lead creation and content at VIVE. I believe that unleashing power of the mind is the key to leading a happy, fulfilled and healthy life. 

Reach out to Maya on LinkedIn and watch her TEDx talk.

Ben Wainwright. Head of Operations & Technology. 2 years visualising.

Hi, I’m Ben! After experiencing my own mental health struggles, I learnt how our minds have the power to influence every aspect of life – both good and bad.

Maya and I met at university, where we shared a common passion of helping people improve their quality of life. After learning about visualisation a two years ago, it has changed my day to day life! I use it regularly to enhance my public speaking skills, improve my running and feel more energised.

With a background in computer science and innovation, I lead technology development and business operations at VIVE. I am so excited to be on this mission and share this powerful technique with everyone.

Reach out to Ben on LinkedIn.

Our mission

VIVE is pioneering a mental fitness revolution.

we are on a mission to empower everyone with the skills they need to improve the way they think, feel and perform across any area of life.

Our team values


– be empathetic.

– challenge each other.

– constantly look for personal and business growth opportunities.

– take personal ownership.

– spend time on personal reflection